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Sheptytsky Institute is owned by the Saskatchewan Ukrainian Episcopal Corporation of Saskatchewan (Eparchy of Saskatoon). Sheptytsky Institute has been an Integral part of the Ukrainian Catholic Community and University of Saskatchewan since 1953.

The Institute was built to provide a student residence for the post-secondary training and education of Ukrainian Catholic students and others, and continues with that main purpose. "Sheps" is located across the street from the university campus and St. Thomas More College, just minutes away from classrooms, libraries and all other university facilities.

The serious tv watching room.      A view of the computer room.     Residents decorate their room to be as comfortable as possible. Some bring many personal treasures from home.     Some residents also choose to bring a favorite piece of furniture.

It is a non-alcohol (dry), non-smoking residence which is here to help facilitate your goal in secondary education. We strive to provide a healthy environment for body, mind and spirit through the cooperation of community, residents and staff.

We look for students who are looking for an academic residence and who have respect for Christian values and ideals with respect to all activities, social and personal relationships. Students will have the opportunity to learn to live in an academic environment and to accept the responsibilities which are part of group living.

Features include:

The Ukrainian Connection
Throughout the year, Sheptytsky Institute offers the opportunity to learn more about Ukrainian culture and how it connects to our Eastern spirituality. Activities have included pysanky workshops (Ukrainian Easter egg writing) and kolach (Ukrainian Christmas bread) making. We observe the celebration of Ukrainian Christmas, Theophany and the Resurrection with special liturgical and social celebrations.

Supper Speakers at Sheps
Throughout the school term, guests are invited to join residents during supper hour and to speak on topics such as: mental health, handling stress, Ukrainian Catholic spirituality, Ukrainian culture or history.

To apply for Sheptytsky Institute Residence, please contact Sheptytsky Institute at 306.653.1711. To apply, you can also fill out an online application form under registration.



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Sheptytsky Institute

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